Thursday, 22 January 2015

What would you like to know about after effects?

- All the possibilities within after effects. would love to see loads of different styles of work produced in it and told/shown how to do it, how to create these effects

- I would like to learn how to make text/images move about the screen

- how to make characters/drawings within after effects

- How to export a piece of work from after effects

- key framing, I want to be the boss at it

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


first draft of my animation final piece, now all i need to do it shoot the rest of my story for stop motion, than add in after effects work and I should be good :)

used dragonframe to shoot, and premiere pro for editing and exporting

Monday, 8 December 2014

premiere pro video

premiere pro not only decided to close down on me and resulted in me losing my video which i finished editing, but deleted the video file from my memory stick that i've had plugged in of my eye ball stop motion animation :S all drawings will be included in my sketch book for hand in but i can't even explain how angry I am now, all animation suites in the studio are taken as well so i'm unable to retrieve the only other copy of my eyeball video today, as it is not saved on my laptop at home because it is broken atm and need resetting to factory mode which i'm unable to do until i can retrieve my hard drive from my parents house. I clearly don't work well with technology. -__- so here is video of my animation that i've edited so far but missing the eye ball footage even though you can see exists on my timeline..

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Animation pieces

some drawings for my stop motion, most likely will be filming with these first for a draft and than hopefully be able to improve my drawings, or maybe just get some cool backgrounds sorted out to help the appearance, these are just a few i've done recently more will obviously coming and I need to focus on sketching/drawing my little girl and get all the seperate parts together asap

my moon drawing for some reason fails to upload but when I can get it to work I will be posting it up on here as soon as

Sketch book

just realised I hadn't uploaded ny digital photos of some of the pages of ym sketch book, so here are some now :)


Link to my pinterest account with some interesting artwork/portraits I have pinned :) If link doesn't work than just search my name 'ella davison' and the board is under 'animation research' should come up that a way :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

After Effects tutorials

Been trying to research into what is actually possible in after effects and Came across some cool tutorials on youtube for cool simple effects, it still hasn't sparks many ideas to mind about what I should do but i'm hoping by continuing this process I might come across something soon...

The wiggly funky text is quite cute and fun and might be a possibilty for my credits or a title sequence at the beginning, all depends where I go with it really. < watch here, tutorial example