Friday, 28 November 2014

After Effects tutorials

Been trying to research into what is actually possible in after effects and Came across some cool tutorials on youtube for cool simple effects, it still hasn't sparks many ideas to mind about what I should do but i'm hoping by continuing this process I might come across something soon...

The wiggly funky text is quite cute and fun and might be a possibilty for my credits or a title sequence at the beginning, all depends where I go with it really. < watch here, tutorial example

Pinterest Finds

Lots of interesting pieces of art I've come across while browsing Pinterest... searched for 'identity' and 'Artwork' , Pinterest is one of my favourite places find so many beautiful and intriguing pieces of work, probably the best on the internet for it.

Toilet Paper Animation

Not what i'm wanting to do, but came across it on youtube and thought it was pretty good/funny so worth a post on my blog for others to see haha good example of drawing/stop motion animation :)

Target Animation

just found this now and it's almost exactly the same as my storyboarded ideas, except uses actual people (Children). and it's not as messed up or crazy as mine haha but yeah thought this was interesting and funny to come across, love my idea though of the girl floating up to the stars and moon, maybe even planets, and than fallnig into the ocean, common universal themes in dreams flying and water, which is what I like to try keep my animation based around my original idea to create a film that the audience could potential relate with e.g flying in a dream.

Dream Animation

Found this animationa and love it, along the lines with the stop motion of what I would like to do, just tricky making the girl character because wanted to use still photos of humans instead of drawings because I'm not very great at drawing people, unless I can find a simple image of a girl to recreate or literally almost do exactly the same as this person and make a formed being character that represents a person... Will have a think into this